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RFP: Porch Light Program  


The opioid crisis has created divisions within Kensington, and these divisions have been a major part of the public representation of the neighborhood. This public art project will instead focus on where crisis can create unity, particularly within families. Family members go to unbelievable lengths for their loved ones, bringing healing, compassion, and support to those caught in the cycle of relapse and recovery. Their efforts have a profound intergenerational impact, and extend to the communities that surround and overlap with their family.

The goals of the project are: ● To create a mural or public art project that highlights the strength and support of family networks in the face of the opioid crisis. ● To give members of the Kensington community the opportunity to create works of art that reflect their experiences with family and neighborhood unity. ● To inspire community members to create positive change in Kensington. ● To connect members of the community with behavioral health services that will increase community and self-efficacy.

Full RFP (PDF)

The Heart of Kensington  


Mural Arts Philadelphia, together with Impact Services, is seeking an artist (or collaborative team) to create a creative placemaking project in and around the Kensington and Allegheny (K&A) commercial corridor. The artwork created is part of a five-year initiative, Heart of Kensington (HOK), to build social cohesion and bolster resiliency in Kensington through an intersection of public art, behavioral health, youth engagement, and workforce development.

The artwork will be executed in the service of promoting the K&A commercial corridor as a vibrant community hub. The form of artwork created is open to the discretion of the artist but should contain visual touch points that enliven the corridor.  The development and creation of the artwork will be executed alongside Impact Service’s community engagement efforts and the HOK project partners. Additionally, we are looking for an artist (or collaborative team) who will engage residents throughout the entire process. Currently, we anticipate choosing one artist (or collaborative team) that will execute the project between July through the fall and winter.

Full RFP (PDF)

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