Thirty years after Mural Arts’ humble beginnings as an anti-graffiti program, it has evolved into an internationally recognized leader in community based public art and a leading expert in mural-making and art education, having served over 30,000 young people and created 3,600 works of public art. This legacy reflects our driving mission to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives and asserts our fundamental belief that art can ignite change.

As we usher in our 30th Anniversary this fall, we plan to celebrate in typical Mural Arts style by diving head first into the work we love through groundbreaking programs and projects with local talents and world renowned artists. The capstone projects planned for our anniversary year are perfect examples of how our work has evolved from traditional community murals into a complex but integrated paradigm of socially-engaged art and creative placemaking.

We are excited to place these new projects within our larger body of work, painting a picture of our long-term commitment to Philadelphia’s residents to use art for renewal and activism.